Smile with Confidence

Staff Biographies


Stacie is our senior clinical technician, having been with us since 1995. There is nothing in the clinic that Stacie cannot do but she continues to keep an open mind, learning and growing when new challenges present in the form of new and better techniques and materials. To her great credit, Stacie has completed the extremely difficult written examinations to become a CERTIFIED ORTHODONTIC ASSISTANT. Many, many patients through the years have specifically requested that Stacie care for them as they’ve proceeded thru their orthodontic correction-a great testament to her caring nature.  Stacie is married to Ben (she finally convinced him to have ortho treatment in 2006 and finished with a beautiful smile in 2008) and they have a son, Cameron. Just ask Stac about Cameron, Ben or their pets and the conversation is on! We are so blessed to have this skilled, caring professional as part of our team.


Jessica is another of those highly skilled clinical pro’s who wears numerous hats. She joined our practice in 2001, having completed DENTAL ASSISTING CERTIFICATION at West Kentucky Vocational/Technical School and having extensive experience in a General Dental office. She has taken the huge, voluntary step of successfully completing her examination to become a CERTIFIED ORTHODONTIC ASSISTANT. This process is extremely challenging and difficult, testing the skills and extensive knowledge of our clinical personnel-we are very proud of this accomplishment. In addition to the unique skillset of Orthodontic Assisting, Jessica also fabricates beautifully fitting retainers daily and handles the massive task of clinical supplies inventory.  Jessica, her husband Chad, and sons, Hudson (born 1/09) and Holden (born 6/12) reside in Metropolis.


Patty has been with us since 2005 and brings an extremely diverse work experience background to our practice. This includes DENTAL ASSISTING CERTIFICATION at West Kentucky Vocational/Technical College followed by experience in a number of dental offices, both in the clinic and in front office duties. She is a jack of all trades, being fully trained in the clinic and then gradually moving to insurance and is now our NEW PATIENT COORDINATOR.  Patty also has remarkable computer skills, often being the person who corrects small glitches in our comprehensive, state-of-the-art orthodontic computer hardware/software system. In this day and age, all businesses need at least one employee with these skills. Patty is our floater, working with equal competence both in the front (business) office as well as the clinic which is very unique and valuable to our daily operations. She has two lovely daughters, Tiffany and Jordan along with her handsome grandkids, Aaron, Kolbe, Brisen, and Ariel. 


Jennifer is another of those rare individuals who can simply handle any challenge presented to her in the clinic. She, like Jessica, has achieved both DENTAL ASSISTING CERTIFICATION AND CERTIFIED ORTHODONTIC ASSISTANT status. Jennifer has also completed extensive training in DENTAL HYGIENE. She is our resident specialist in infection control procedures, conducting our annual review in prevention of cross-contamination and OSHA regulations put in place to protect our patients and staff. She takes this duty extremely seriously, keeping our clinic shipshape in this area, along with the entire staff. Jennifer brings great energy to our practice, having extensive cyber-skills and always anxious to master any new or different clinical procedure, technique or material to better serve our patients. She also has the specialized task of DIGITIZING OUR CEPHALOMETRIC X-RAYS, thereby generating vital information to confirm Dr. Brantley’s treatment plans. She and her husband, Rob, have four beautiful children, Olivia, Alex, and twins, Aiden and Wyatt. By the way, if it seems that Jennifer and Jessica are a bit blunt with one another from time to time, it’s because they are SISTERS. We are so blessed to have them in our clinic.


Brittany has been with us now since October 2008 after having received formal dental assisting training.  She and her sister were patients some years ago.  She can now do virtually all clinical procedures (and records) with great accuracy, consistency and precision.  She has "caught on" far more quickly than most and is also capable of scheduling patients, receiving/posting payments, etc.  Patients love her (as with all our staff--really!) and she's a fantastic  addition to the team.  Brittany is married to Ryan.  If you want to strike a conversation with Brittany, just ask her about her baby girls, Kaelynn and Briley, and her dog, Carter.