Smile with Confidence


Damon Bracket Systems:

In my 30 (+) years in dentistry and 20 as an Orthodontist, I have not seen one single new breakthrough which has impacted the way we diagnose and treat malocclusions like this system has done. On a high percentage of malocclusions (bad-bite) and typically, the most challenging ones, we can now treat these folks with far fewer office visits, far more comfort, far fewer permanent teeth removed and with a treatment plan that can now more truly incorporate facial concerns (smile width, lip support/profile, etc.). This approach is not new-Dr. Dwight Damon has worked consistently on this PASSIVE, LOW-FRICTION, SELF-LIGATING BRACKET SYSTEM FOR OVER 20 YEARS. After an evolution of the system, during which former "bugs" were perfected/removed, we incorporated DAMON SYSTEMS into our practice in 2004, now having treated hundreds of patients with this technique. It is TRULY REMARKABLE! Ask if it might be right for you or your family!

Materials & Appliances:

We use the latest, proven methods and materials available to the orthodontic community. We are blessed in the United States to enjoy the ‘cutting edge’ of orthodontic technological advancements. Our brackets and bands come from the company whose founder revolutionized orthodontic care in the 1970’s with the introduction of straight-wire mechanics/appliances. Dr. Lawrence Andrews founded ‘A’ Company at the time and his appliances have led the industry since their introduction. Their main competition for many years was Ormco and the two companies joined forces in recent years. Although many companies compete with Ormco/A Company in the current orthodontic market (and many offer imitation appliances at significantly discounted costs), we have elected to utilize the original ‘Cadillac’, in my opinion, of orthodontic products in our practice. The same is true of our banding and bonding materials, orthodontic wires and attachments including the innovative long-acting, thermally-activated copper-nickel-titanium archwires which have profoundly impacted orthodontic treatment, especially the comfort and progression of the early stages of treatment. We are equally proud of our incredibly consistent Plan-Meca panoramic/cephalometric radiographic unit which consistently produces beautiful clear and concise radiographs for pre-treatment evaluation as well as progression films and debond films for evaluating wisdom teeth, etc.

Our digital photography was added in the late ‘90’s to improve our overall imaging capabilities for patient and parent education, before/after comparisons, transferring images to other doctors, etc. We utilize the Dolphin imaging system with Dell computers and Fuji digital cameras, an overall system that has no equal within the orthodontic marketplace. We completely replaced our entire front-office computer system in the summer of 2001. In our most recent technological improvement, ALL COMPUTER SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE WERE COMPLETELY REPLACED WITH THE NEWEST, MOST EFFICIENT SYSTEM AVAILABLE FOR MODERN ORTHODONTIC PRACTICE IN 2005. We now have all patient services, from treatment progression, treatment planning to scheduling or account information available at all computer terminals thruout the office. With this improvement, Dr. Brantley can also access all information from his home, which is of great benefit for after-hours treatment plan studies, after-hours emergency calls, etc.

We are very proud of the standard to which we have held ourselves as these decisions arise within our practice. It can be tempting sometimes to try some of the less-expensive products available for orthodontic procedures but we know without question that treatment will progress more smoothly by adhering to our philosophy of using only those products which have been proven to be most efficient. ULTIMATELY, WE STRIVE TO TREAT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY JUST AS WE WOULD (AND DO) TREAT OUR OWN.


Treatment Timing:

We like to see children for an initial screening around the age of seven, sooner if an obvious problem is detected by a parent or dentist/physician. Generally, the majority of our definitive treatment is rendered in the early permanent dentition. At this stage of development, we can predictably correct 99% of the malocclusions we will encounter with one phase of treatment at a time when compliance is usually its best and tooth movement or orthopedics occur optimally. If we see a child at age six and monitor a potential problem for 5 years before treatment is rendered, then there is never any fee for this period of observation. This could include a brief exam twice yearly, photos or X-rays to establish baseline records for future reference, etc. This all helps to treat that patient most ideally, sometimes ‘heads-off’ certain problems and reassures parents regarding their concerns about their child’s bite or tooth positions.

This allows me, as an orthodontist, to stay on top of the situation and treat at the absolute most ideal time. We have always encouraged parents to allow us to provide this type of monitoring service for the above-mentioned benefits. These benefits are very well worth the X-rays, photo’s and exams we provide at no cost through the years. I will recommend treatment in younger patients when a problem is detected which left untreated could:

  • Be much more difficult or impossible to treat at a later age
  • Result in a much more invasive (such as extractions or jaw surgery) orthodontic treatment at a later age
  • Cause higher injury risk when teeth are in harm's way, such as very protrusive incisors
  • Cause significant psychological concerns have been noted by parents such as teasing at school, etc.

These are all perfectly legitimate reasons to initiate early orthodontic intervention.

Having said that, the majority of our patients can be treated with one phase of orthodontics in the early permanent dentition. Studies have clearly indicated that one phase of treatment is just as stable and complete as two separated phases and this approach minimizes patient "burnout", decreases risk of root resorption and usually decreases overall costs significantly. It is also very important to remember that virtually all children who receive early, phase I type orthodontic intervention require full, comprehensive, banded-bonded orthodontics in the early permanent dentition.


Invisible Aligners:

Generally speaking, clear aligners: 1) costs more  2) often results in a less "finished" result   3) places virtually all the responsiblilty for progress and success on the patient.  My experience has been that either:  A) the patient grows very weary, very quickly of wearing, keeping up with, cleaning, speaking with, etc., the retainers/aligners and either stops (but invisalign has their full fee)  or  B) the patient becomes weary and/or dissatisfied with progress or the final result and then asks for braces to "Do it Right", resulting in unnecessarily higher fees and overall longer treatment.


The Value of Orthodontic Treatment:

In the big scheme of things, I have challenged my staff to come up with comparable values that we may consider for around $4500-$5000.  Certainly basic food, shelter, etc, a healthy home, spiritual teachings, medical care and such, are top priorities.  But, compared with other material items (clothes, entertainment/recreation, electronics, PC's, TV's and such, even higher education-EXTREMELY IMPORTANT but $4500 might cover one semester, automobiles), the long-lasting confidence, beauty, satisfaction and improved likelihood of success that all come with a relaxed, beautiful, confident smile cannot be measured.  Think about it.