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Practice Advancements

We have known for decades that the most efficient way to move teeth is with a continuous, but light force. The concept of self-ligating brackets (in which the wire is held into the "brace" by some mechanism built into the bracket itself) has also been around for years. A passive, low force/low friction bracketing system is a relatively newer concept and this has been achieved in the Damon Bracketing System. We now have arch wires that not only have memory (when manufactured into an ideal "arch" shape, they will return to their manufactured size and shape when "deformed" into brackets on misaligned teeth, gently bringing the teeth along with them) but the addition of copper to the latest alloys has now also incorporated the advantage of thermal activation within a very narrow temperature range. At room temperatures and cooler, these Hi-Tech alloys are as flexible as "cooked spaghetti" sure and have us show you one at your new patient visit; you can feel and see what we mean. Translation: these wires, coupled with these type brackets, apply an extremely light but continuous force. This is precisely what works most efficiently to move teeth!

We entered the "Damon" waters in the early 2000's. Several workshops and seminars finally convinced me that it was simply too compelling to ignore. Beginning in November, 2004, we began placing Damon appliances on ALL patients and did so for at least a couple of years (several hundred patients). As with any and all techniques, we experienced quite a learning curve. The Damon approach delivered as advertised but I also began to realize that it is most specifically beneficial for certain types of malocclusions, that is to say, for specific types of alignment issues and we began to target those problems with the Damon System. I also realized that my older time-tested, tried and true Conventional Brackets (which have been refined thru the years) actually give me better control for certain bite and alignment issues.This process has been challenging but has now resulted in tremendously strengthening our options as we see new patients every day. It has now become immediately and abundantly obvious to me as an Orthodontic Practitioner, jus texactly who is a good candidate for Damon and who is best served by our more traditional, conventional brackets.

Another very exciting effect of the newer materials is the way ADULT treatment has changed. For many years, we had to tell adults that their treatment might be much longer than that of adolescents. To some extent, that is sometimes still slightly true, but to a much lesser degree. We now hope and expect to treat adults in virtually the same time range as the vast majority of all our patients. Again, we've known for many years that some of the older wires simply applied slightly too much force to allow the less vascular, less oxygenated bone of adults to recover and respond quickly enough for the type of bone remodeling we prefer when moving teeth. This cutting-edge metallurgy (i.e., the "MEMORY" wires) now applies such a light and continuous force that virtually anyone's teeth will respond in a fairly similar way. The result has been that folks from their 20's to their 70's & beyond (yes, it's NEVER too late!) can now enjoy the marvelous benefits of Orthodontic correction in a reasonably timely fashion.

Hopefully the above explanation of just some of the new and exciting changes in our profession (these are only a few, there are many more!) has piqued your interest. If so, give Patty or Rose a call (270)-554-0123) to schedule an evaluation and we'll be glad to see if you might be a candidate for Orthodontic correction. Evaluation only costs a bit of your time; we have never had a single patient regret pursuing correction. Quite the contrary. Adults in particular are extra-special patients. Many have wanted something done for years but put it off for many reasons. Once they complete their treatment, many cry tears of joy...and we join them on their very special day!

As Patty (our Office New Patient Coordinator) hears me say every day...each patient is case-specific; there's certainly nothing "cookie-cutter" about what we do, we're all certainly more unique than snowflakes. That's just the way the Good Lord made of many, many reasons Orthodontic practice is ever-challenging, never boring!