Smile with Confidence


The orthodontic literature is swamped with new and different techniques advertised as the new, best way to treat this or that. That has never been more true than it is today. Our orthodontic community is far more global than ever before and many researchers or clinicians from the international community publish their findings in our journals, and vice versa, than ever before. This is good for exchange and collegial debate but can be quite confusing for clinicians making daily decisions regarding the course of treatment. I learned long ago that I cannot jump on every newfangled, gimmick-like gadgetry to come down the pike.

In our office, we adhere to only the sound, proven principals of orthodontic clinical practice which have been known for many years. We maintain as our top priority the main three goals of orthodontic treatment: FUNCTION, ESTHETICS AND STABILITY. That said, PASSIVE, LOW-FRICTION, SELF-LIGATING SYSTEMS represent a paradigm shift. THE DAMON SYSTEM appears to be the unchallenged leader in this incredibly exciting new method of tooth movement. We can now correct very severe malocclusions with far fewer visits, far fewer permanent tooth extractions, far greater emphasis on 'facial driven treatment planning (lip support/profile)' and much more comfortably than ever in the history of our specialty. Ask if this exciting technique might be right for you. Dr. Damon has worked on this approach for over 20 years-it is not new- and it is now a time-tested approach. We have been utilizing Damon brackets now on hundreds of patients since 2004.

Since I began practicing general dentistry in 1980 and subsequently returned for my Orthodontic Residency in 1987 followed by orthodontic practice from 1989 to present, many new devices, materials and techniques have been hailed as the new panacea for this problem or that. Many have produced as advertised, many have disappeared from the literature. When new products surface, I always research them in my journals, confer with colleagues and chairmen/professors in orthodontic programs and wait. If a new product is worthy of widespread utilization in our profession, this will become crystal clear in a relatively short period of time. I will not use new products/techniques until they have been clearly proven worthy of my patients. The litmus test is always the same-would I use this product or technique on my own family?