Smile with Confidence

A letter to our patients

July 2012

To our Patients and Families: 

We are acutely aware of the impact of recent economic developments on our country and our local families.  Our office is in contact daily with at least 50 different families. I grew up in a home where things like orthodontic treatment would not be given very serious consideration. My wife, Cathy, and I both received treatment as adults. My brother could have seriously benefited from orthodontic correction as a child but it was not an option.  While Dr. Milliner did receive orthodontic treament as an adolescent he also came from a family where significant financial considerations were given to each purchase made for the entire family.

My point is that we are aware of the issues facing many families in our current economic environment and I want parents to know that. We do everything we can to streamline our business costs-you can probably imagine that the expense of maintaining a thriving orthodontic practice is significant to be sure. We want folks to know that we have not raised our fees since 2008 (FOR ANY OF OUR TREATMENTS OPTIONS) and have every intention of holding that line as long as is feasible. We also want to stress two important points-1)-although there are more ideal timeframes in which to treat certain patients, the majority of patients can be treated with exactly the same final result at a slightly later date, and 2)-We will never allow finances to be the sole reason someone might choose another orthodontic practice; in other words, if you or your child have decided ours is the orthodontic office environment of your choice, I will not let a lower fee somewhere else force you to change that choice-we will match any other reasonable office fee.

We are extremely blessed and privileged to serve our wonderful patients. We consider it the greatest compliment when our friends and patients refer their family, friends and neighbors to our office and we take that referral as a serious responsibility to provide beautiful results for every single patient. Thank you for considering our team as your orthodontic treatment providers. Best personal regards.



Sid W. Brantley, D.M.D. and Matthew S. Milliner, DMD, MS